Förköp av Twilight 2000, rollspelet.

Din bokning gäller om Fria Ligan lyckas med det dom lovar.

The boxed set will at the very least include two beautifully illustrated full color books – a Players' Manual and a Referee's Manual, each of about 100 pages detailing rules, setting, gear and scenarios – as well as several empty character sheets and a huge, full color travel map (format 864x558mm) of central Poland on one side and southern Sweden on the other.

"The first edition of Twilight: 2000 was an iconic game for me back in the '80s, and we are humbled and honored to work with Marc Miller and Game Designers' Workshop to bring a new edition to life. The original game was really ahead of its time. Our goal is to build on the amazing sandbox survival gameplay and develop it further, making it more accessible using the tools of modern game design," says lead game designer Tomas Härenstam.

"When I saw this proposal to revisit the Twilight universe, I signed on immediately. As I have seen the work proceed, I have not been disappointed, and I look forward to seeing this project become reality," says Marc Miller of Far Future Enterprises and co-founder of Game Designers' Workshop.

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Åter i lager 2021-06-25
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